Our Very Own Coffee Shop in Warminster: The Pine Tree Cafe

The best coffee shop in Warminster? The Pine Tree Cafe, according to the residents. Nothing could be a bigger compliment to us. In our coffee shop, you will find the perfect cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer, served with your favourite flavours of traditional and modern cakes, snacks, or simply after a delicious, hot lunch made with organic, locally grown ingredients.

Delicious offerings in our coffee shop in Warminster

We take pride in what we offer to our customers in The Pine Tree Cafe. As the go-to coffee shop in Warminster, our cafe holds many scrumptious delights for our regular customers and those who wander across the English countryside to our doorstep. To summarise, our menu has the following to soothe your appetite.

  • Most of our customers visit us for a hot cup of traditional English tea or authentic coffee. We indulge the caffeine lovers in our coffee shop in Warminster with many a flavour. You could order a cup of stiff, black tea or coffee without cream or sugar, or ask for a creamy sweet warm cup instead. We have a considerable variety of flavours available for both.
  • You might want your tea or coffee after a nicely put together fresh and hot meal out of our lunch menu, which includes a number of traditional English recipes!
  • If you already had your lunch or do not want to indulge in the afternoon meal, you might want to try a slice of one of our many cakes. You can pick from a variety of flavours in our coffee shop in Warminster and we are pretty sure you will ask for one more.

Simplistic ambience for a cosy afternoon meetingCoffee Shop near Warminster

Like any modern cafe in Britain, The Pine Tree Cafe is designed to soothe your senses with simplistic architecture and decor. Our cafe in Warminster was opened in summer 2015 and has become a favourite of the residents in the surroundings since. With our spacious hall set with tables to seat 60 people, you will have little trouble finding a table the moment you walk in. We also have the patio set up with more tables that you might want to try on a sunny day.

Perfect place to make your shopping list for the nursery

Whether you want to discuss business, work on a presentation in your laptop, or simply want to finish your shopping list for the garden centre, our tearoom in Warminster is the perfect place to sit down and get things done while you get refreshed with your hot cup of tea or coffee, before you go on to explore the products in our garden centre.

Visit our coffee shop in Warminster soon to enjoy a great afternoon