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As a family owned and managed local business we pride ourselves on offering a friendly and personal service to all our customers.  Fonthill is very conveniently located on the A431 at Bitton, on the scenic route between Bath and Bristol. Lakeside garden centre is situated at Crockerton just off the A350, close to Warminster and right on the doorstep of the beautiful Longleat estate. 

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Ponds in winter

WATER LEVEL Ice can often put pressure on your pond liner, which can cause it to tear. Therefore keep an eye on the water level, if it drops top it back up again. Repairs can be carried out in spring. FEEDING FISH You should have noticed that your fish have stopped eating. This is normal. When the temperature of the water drops below 7C (45F) the fish go into semi-hibernation. DE-ICER FLOATS Fish inhabited ponds shouldn't be allowed to freeze over completely because this will stop essential gas exchange and cause a build up of methane in the water. Place a football or similar in the pond, so at least one area will be left unfrozen. ;