Complete Collection of Compost near Bristol

Our variety of compost near Bristol is the best in the county. With this variety, we are helping garden owners from Bristol, and other towns, give their soils and plants the special care they need with healthy nutrition and organic energy.

Our range of composts near Bristol

Compost is a substance made to add nutrition to the soil and your plot. It mixes into the soil, enriching it with nutrition that your plants need. Since it is a supplement, it is created in several types with particular goals in mind. This way, you can tend to the specific needs of every section of your garden. While our collection is huge, the following brief descriptions will help you take your pick in our products of compost near Bristol:

  • Peat-Free Compost: Environmentally friendly replacement of traditional compost made with ingredients like recycled waste and composted bark. Our range of peat free compost near Bristol is suitable for all kinds of plants.
  • Pre-Added Feed & Water: Fixed to ensure slow release of the feed and nutrients, this compost is great for long returns, since it keeps working even if you cannot regularly change it.
  • Soil-Based Compost: John Innes is known for his feeding formula of three stages. He also introduced the idea of soil-reliant compost, which comes with more volume of soil. Our soil based compost near Bristol is perfect for this style of composting.
  • Seed Compost: Sterilised and free of disease, our seed compost near Bristol is ideal for seedlings that need low-nutrient diet.
  • Ericaceous Compost: This low-pH compost is ideal for alkaline or neutral soils to fit them for demanding plants like blueberries.
  • Special Compost for Roses, Shrubs, & Trees: These composts come heavy in soil content and work wonders for growing trees, shrubs, and roses.
  • Specialist Composts: Some plants have very extraordinary needs. They are planted in separate sections of the garden and are given specialist composts that meet their needs.

Quality of our compost products near Bristol

We make our own composts in many types. However, we also get it from other local makers who are known for making good quality compost of a particular kind. We do it so our customers only get the best of composts near Bristol.

Speak to an expert

With so much variety involved, a new gardener often gets confused with what to get for their garden. When you visit our garden centre, talk to one of our experts and they will help you find the perfect match for each of the many sections in your beautifully growing garden.

Visit one of our garden centres and discover the best variety of composts near Bristol