A Great Pet Shop near Bristol

When it comes to a pet shop near Bristol where all your shopping items will be available, Lakeside & Fonthill Garden Centres have you covered. The residents and pet owners in the town trust us for delivering the best collection of pet supplies near Bristol. We have all the necessities and many luxuries you would love to take home for your pets.

The products in our pet shop near Bristol

Many of us in the garden centre are pet owners and, so, we know exactly how important a part these animals become in the family. The experience helps us provide an ingenious collection of products in our pet shop near Bristol. Our stock for pet products includes:

  • Active pets need good nutrition. A healthy diet ensures your pet has good metabolism, gets the nutrition their body needs, and has quality time with you. We have all kinds of protein based diets for cats and dogs, not to mention an endless variety of treats in various flavours. We also have bird seeds and all popular diet forms for your pet birds and foods rodents - like mice, guinea pigs, and hamsters - love.
  • Another important range of products in our pet shop near Bristol is bedding. We have a wide variety of beds, carts, nesting boxes, cages, and more to give your pet the ideal kind of bedding. Comfortable bedding allows pets to sleep well and rise fresh and completely rested. With our pet bedding products near Bristol, you will never have to worry about your pet’s rest.
  • Now that we have talked about food and rest, the next most important department of pet products would be pet toys. Your pet will not have good metabolism if you do not provide them enough quality play time and toys. In our inventory for pet toys near Bristol, we have all kinds of chewable toys for cats and dogs, and tunnels and spinning wheels for guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, and hamsters.

Happy pets mean happy owners

All of the products we stock in our pet shop near Bristol are chosen to give your pets a great life. From healthy diet to fulfilling sleep and entertaining playtime, our pet products near Bristol are bound to give your pets all the great things you want them to have, and to protect them. Of course, your pet’s well-being is very important to us. This is why we stock only the best quality products in our inventory. When you visit us and browse through our range of pet products near Bristol, you will see we only have items manufactured by brands pet owners in Britain widely trust.  

Get expert guidance for your pet supplies near Bristol

When you are going through our displays of pet supplies near Bristol, be sure to speak to one of our team members. They are experts in pet supplies and can help you get the best combination of products for your pets within your budget. If you and your pet would like to take a rest, you are very welcome at our very own coffee shop.

Visit our pet shop near Bristol soon to get everything you want to give your pet