Finest Coffee Shop near Keynsham: The Garden Room

Our very own coffee shop near Keynsham, The Garden Room, is fast becoming the favourite spot for the town’s residents when they feel like having a cup of tea or coffee with friends or family out of the house. It gives us endless joy that our customers have trusted us since 2010 to feed them with our homemade cakes, freshly made tea and coffee, and hot lunches.

Our menu in the coffee shop near Keynsham

The Garden Room is a place full of endless flavours and refreshments. The menu reads like a bouquet of all the flowers that gardeners in Britain love. Much like our garden centre, our coffee shop near Keynsham has something for everybody in the menu.

  • The most popular items in our menu have to be coffee and tea. Whether a customer tries our meals, likes our cakes, or tastes one of the other refreshments on the menu, they always ask for tea or coffee with it. Tea is served with, or without, cream in the traditional British flavour and coffee with its authentic taste, and we always bring them out steaming hot.
  • The cakes in our coffee shop near Keynsham come in many flavours that are loved by adults and children alike. From cheesecakes to chocolate cakes, we have homemade cakes that will surely satisfy your need for dessert.
  • Our hot lunches also come in a number of options. We have traditional English meals available in the coffee shop for you. If you started your day very early without eating much or simply want to indulge on the weekend, try one of our lunches.

Refreshment comes in more than plates

The Garden Room is often complimented by our guests for the peace it provides. The place is designed to relax you with the soothing greens and browns in our interior design. With the garden centre and its open, green grounds in your sight, you will feel refreshed with more than just the fresh and hot food and drinks you get to enjoy in our cafe near Keynsham. We have built The Garden Room so we can help you have a great time while you are here.

Peaceful ambience after a long morning

The ambience of our tearoom near Keynsham is designed to give you peace of mind and a relaxing time so you can enjoy your coffee, tea, and food without a worry. A lot of customers use the ambience of our cafe to concentre on a work project, create a presentation on their computer, or simply making their shopping lists. Many others just drop by for rest after a busy morning.

Visit our coffee shop near Keynsham soon for the perfect cup of tea and more