Chelsea show garden

Chelsea show garden

One lucky NHS Trust could win a Chelsea show garden under a competition launched by the Royal Horticultural Society to mark the NHS’s 70th birthday year.

The RHS Feel Good Garden is designed by leading landscaper Matt Keightley for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. It will be a modern, stylish space designed to provide a therapeutic space focussing on health and wellbeing.

NHS mental health trusts in England are now being invited to enter a competition to win the garden, which Matt will redesign to best suit the space and needs of the winning Trust, providing a place where staff and patients can garden, relax and be close to nature.

‘Gardening provides physical exercise and can foster social connections, making it an effective way to help people who are suffering with mental illness, are depressed or stressed,’ said the NHS’s National Clinical Director for Mental Health, Tim Kendall. ‘This incredible gift by the RHS of this fantastic garden will be an early birthday present for one of our mental health trusts, their patients and staff.’

Over the years scientists and researchers have produced lots of evidence that gardening is good for you. Studies have shown gardeners are less stressed, depressed and anxious, less likely to suffer from cardiac disease and other health problems, and slimmer than people who don’t garden.

In fact so beneficial is gardening that you can now get it on the NHS! About one in five GPs now use ‘social prescribing’, referring patients to services like community gardens and ‘green gyms’ to increase overall fitness, physical and mental health.

Here at the garden centre we’ve known for ages that gardens are good for your health, so pop down to see us this week and we’ll help you look after yourself in the best way there is – by getting outside and gardening!