Create a plant ‘theatre’

Create a plant ‘theatre’

Create a plant ‘theatre’ to show off your collections of choice seasonal treasures at their best.

Creating a plant theatre

Plant theatres became popular in Victorian times, often to show off the spectacular markings of dainty auricula primulas, but you can create a plant theatre out of any special plant from alpine bulbs and herbs to pelargoniums, violas and bonsai trees.

Raise your plant collection on shelves and you can better appreciate their charms at eye level, without having to stoop to see them properly. Make your ‘shelves‘ from wooden greenhouse staging, wooden planks or even a wooden stepladder. Place them against a wall or fence to give a tiered effect (you may need to fix the shelves to the wall for added stability).

Everything you need fro your plant theatre at our garden centre in Bitton and Warminster

Create your display with a collection of a single plant, such as perennial violas, or a type of plant such as herbs or bonsai. Stick to similar types of pot to pull the whole thing together: select your favourite designs from the range of handsome terracotta, glazed or lead-effect containers in our garden centre here in Bitton and Warminster. Once the current display is over, swap in more seasonal plants as they reach their peak for an ever-changing and beautiful drama on your doorstep.