Keep on top of weeds

Keep on top of weeds

Keep on top of weeds right from the start and you’ll not only make your garden look better – you’ll have fewer problems later in the year, since you’ll deny them the chance to seed around and spread.

Keep on top of Weeds

Hoe off annual weeds regularly – once a week is ideal – choosing a dry, sunny day wherever possible so the chopped-off weeds shrivel on the soil. Weeds that are not in flower or bearing seeds make great compost, too.

Perennial weeds including dandelions, nettles and docks are a different matter. They return year after year, often regenerating repeatedly from the roots. Dig them out as deeply as possible, removing as much of the root as you can, and watch like a hawk for any regrowth.

Weed Killer

If you continue to have serious problems, as a last resort you can use a systemic weedkiller while the weeds are in active growth. These weedkillers are drawn right into the plant and down to its roots, killing it completely: they come as a spray or an easy-to-use applicator to paint individual leaves (ideal where weeds are tangled in among your plants). Weeds should die back within a couple of weeks: you may need to spray very persistent weeds a second time later in the season.