Gardening trends for 2017

Gardening trends for 2017

Gardening trends for 2017 include indoor ‘windowsill’ veg growing, growing with wildlife in mind, and metallic colour tones, according to the annual Grow 365 trends analysis from the Garden Media Group.

What to do in the Garden in 2017

Indoor gardening now includes hi-tech solutions like aquaponics and hydroponics to give the growing population of indoor growers living in cities with no outdoor space, a chance of real success in growing their own food.

Young people are increasingly turning to gardening to meet their desire for clean, chemical-free living: five million of the six million ‘new’ gardeners in 2016 were aged between 18 and 34.

Other trends to emerge are ‘tidy gardens’, with an emphasis on downsizing and reduced consumption. The emphasis on organic growing also continues, as gardeners plan to attract nature’s pest controls to your garden in the form of pest-guzzling birds and bats with wildlife-friendly planting.

And colours in the garden are set to turn metallic this year: trending shades for flowers and foliage include gold, silver, copper and bronze.

Gardening Trends

Whatever 2017 has in store we’ll be here at the garden centre in Bitton and Warminster to help you stay right up to date. We wish all our customers a very happy New Year and all the best for the season to come!