Store your surplus maincrop carrots

Store your surplus maincrop carrots

Store your surplus maincrop carrots to keep them in good condition for eating later in winter.

Store Carrots for Eating Later in Winter

Seasoned veg growers sow two types of carrot: sweet, tender early carrots which mature in double- quick time to pull fresh and eat straight away, and slower-maturing maincrop varieties to harvest all at once in late autumn for winter stores.

Main crop carrots include some of the most delicious varieties there are – 'James Scarlet Intermediate', for example, or richly flavoursome 'Royal Chantenay’. Enjoy browsing through the selection of mouthwatering main crops on the seed racks here at our garden centre in Bitton and Warminster: try out a new one each year to find out which are your favourites.

The Secret to Keeping Your Carrots Crunchy

The secret to keeping your carrots as crunchy as the day you pulled them is never to allow them to dry out. Choose only your most perfect specimens, as any blemishes quickly rot, then snip off the top growth and brush off loose soil.

Put a layer of slightly dampened sand in the bottom of a box and lay the carrots on top side by side, without allowing them to touch. Cover with more sand. They should keep in a frost-free shed or garage for several months: just fish the roots out as required.