Clear away plant supports

Clear away plant supports

Clear away plant supports as part of your end-of- season clear up and store them carefully for next year.

Clear Away Those Plant Supports

Whether they’re bamboo canes, hazel rods, or metal plant grids and obelisks they’ll do sterling service for years to come if you treat them well now.

Untwine old plant stems and cart them off to the compost heap as long as they weren’t diseased (in which case put them in with the green waste collection or burn them instead). Then snip away any string ties you've used.

Brush off excess dirt and clean metal supports before moving them in under cover – a garage or garden shed is ideal. They’ll stay in good condition like this till you’re ready to use them again next season.

Tie bamboo canes and hazel poles into bundles before dipping the ends into wood preservative. Hang them in their bundles from the shed ceiling for winter and they'll support a good few beans yet.

Come on down to Bitton and Warminster

While you’re at it, make a note to replace any supports which have broken before the mad rush of spring gets under way. Stock up now from the range here at our garden centre in Bitton and Warminster and you’ll have your supports ready and waiting the moment you need them next year.