What to do in the garden in June:

What to do in the garden in June:

Flaming June and the garden is really starting to get into its stride – in fact you may have to speed up to keep up with it! Here are a few of the jobs you can be getting on with this month.

General tasks:

  • Tackle perennial weeds as soon as they appear, forking out bindweed, couch grass and ground elder by the roots.
  • Lay leaky hosepipes around the feet of your plants and link to the tap via a timer for automated watering that delivers water just where you need it

Ornamental garden:

  • Dry lavender flowers, hanging up in bunches somewhere cool and breezy, for using in flavourings and scented bags
  • Dead head sweet peas to keep the display at full throttle – the more you pick, the more blooms your plants produce
  • Give early-flowering perennials a haircut: cutting them back once flowering is over will often encourage a second flush

Kitchen garden:

  • Allow a few radishes to mature, flower and set seed – you’ll find the immature green seedpods have a delicious peppery crunch
  • Protect carrots against carrot fly with barriers of horticultural fleece around each row
  • Sow annual herbs like basil, chervil and dill regularly to ensure a continuous supply