Britain is a nation of wildlife lovers

Britain is a nation of wildlife lovers

Britain is a nation of wildlife lovers according to a recent survey of 2000 gardeners which found that almost all of us – 98% - enjoy watching wild creatures in our gardens.

Over three-quarters leave an area of their gardens wild, to be colonised by frogs, toads, beetles and other creepy-crawlies; and around a third spend over £50 a year feeding or caring for the birds, hedgehogs, bees and butterflies which visit.

Over a third of respondents said they chose plants for their gardens which are wildlife friendly, such as catmint (Nepeta), Deutzia and ice plant (Sedum Spectabile). The types of wildlife people are most concerned about are bees, birds, butterflies, and hedgehogs – though other creatures we worry about include frogs, foxes, badgers and stag beetles.

Here are our top three tips for making your garden more welcoming to wildlife:

Install a pond: probably the most important thing you can do as it benefits so many wild creatures, from frogs and toads to bees and birds.

Feed the birds: a helping of fat, seeds, and nuts in winter gets your feathered friends through till spring.

Provide wildlife shelters: from bumblebee hotels to hedgehog hideaways, giving wildlife a safe place to shelter through winter.